Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

i-spero® brings together decades of clinical research and proven artificial intelligence to deliver digital tools that help improve recovery rates for sufferers whilst reducing the overall cost of treatment.


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The opportunity

With its high prevalence and treatment costs, role as a risk factor for suicide and impact on workplace productivity, depression places an enormous burden on the healthcare system and the wider economy. Innovation that improves treatment outcomes can deliver significant and multiple benefits.

The challenge

For people suffering from depression finding the right treatment that works for them can be difficult at a vulnerable time in their lives. If antidepressant medication is prescribed it typically takes 4–6 weeks before their doctor can detect whether the treatment is working. Up to 50% of patients fail to respond to the first antidepressant prescribed. For many people effective treatment can even take months to work.

Our solution

i-spero® is a digital platform comprising both diagnostic tests that provide early indication of response to antidepressant treatment, as well as online monitoring that enables individuals to track their progress to response and remission.

The benefits

More effective and integrated treatment from the outset will:

  • Improve the lives of depression sufferers
  • Reduce the burden of depression on primary care
  • Decrease the impact on specialist mental health services
  • Reduce working days lost

Evidence led

i-spero® is built on 15 years of research and development and a 3 year clinical study carried out on over 900 patients in five European countries.

Led by experience

i-spero® is led by an experienced management team with proven expertise in product development, clinical research, digital technology and successful entrepreneurship and is supported by an active and expert advisory panel of world renowned consultant psychiatrists, psychopharmacologists and key opinion leaders.

Don't just take our word for it
i-spero® helps clinicians to make switches in medication
In recent trials i-spero® increased the frequency that clinicians switched medication significantly and for all age groups.
i-spero® helps improve compliance with treatment
What I value about i-spero® is that I can improve the quality of care for my patients. Depression is a huge problem in primary care and proven innovations that can improve outcomes for suffers is to be welcomed.
Patients find the online tests easy to use at home
Over 85% agree that the tests are 'easy to use' and over 70% found no technical or connectivity problems when taking the test.
Find out how i-spero® can help your patients

If you are a primary care provider, or are responsible for the purchasing/commissioning of primary care or specialist mental health services we would welcome a discussion.