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It commonly takes months before clinicians identify effective antidepressant treatment for their depressed patients. During this period a person's ability to work and function socially is severely impaired. i-spero® helps sufferers get better faster and return to work sooner.

Years of Research
Primary Care Settings
Compliance in first 8 weeks


i-spero® will help to get the patient on the right treatment at the right time, and allow both the patient and care providers to monitor symptoms through to recovery. This will improve primary care resilience whilst avoiding unnecessary referrals to secondary care and specialist providers associated with a lack of primary care capacity. This benefits the whole health system economy.

Shorter treatment
Swifter recovery
Less likelihood of unpleasant side effects
Simplified self-management
Reduced need for face to face consultation
Online tracking of the patient's recovery
Evidence to support changes to treatment plans
Early warning of potential risks factors
Wider Economy
Lower the overall treatment costs of depression
Reduced workforce sickness, increased productivity

Leadership Team

i-spero® is led by an experienced management team with proven expertise in product development, clinical research, digital technology and successful entrepreneurship.

Dr Colin Dourish
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Dr Gerry Dawson
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Jonathan Kingslake
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Clinical Advisory Board

i-spero® is the result of years of clinical practice and research by some of the leading minds in psychopharmacology and psychiatry. Many now comprise our advisory board where their passion drives the ongoing development of our products.

Professor Guy Goodwin
Professor Catherine Harmer
Dr Mike Browning

GP Advisory Panel

Dr Neela Chatakondu
Dr Timothy Hall
Dr Nick Jones
Dr Sam Mullick
Dr Vanessa Short
Dr Ceri Walby

PReDicT Study Collaborators

Through collaboration with world renowned academic advisors and physicians, we have created a highly experienced team that is well positioned to deliver and maximise the impact of this project.

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If you are a primary care provider, or are responsible for the purchasing/commissioning of primary care or specialist mental health services we would welcome a discussion.