Innovate UK Award
Posted 1st October 2018

Innovate UK Award

We are pleased to announce that P1vital Products Ltd was awarded Innovate UK Grant. 

This innovative program will be implemented, evaluated and refined in selected GP practices in Kent. 

Critical to this work is the involvement of patients to ensure that existing concerns and problems faced by them when seeking help with depression are addressed. 

Such patient involvement is supported by MIND, a charity specialising in supporting people with mental health conditions. Through this optimised depression pathway, enabled by digital technologies we will wrap care around the patient returning them to good health sooner, thereby enabling them to return to the healthy, productive lives they desire.

In other news
Distractor helps you deal with lockdown trauma
Playing video games during lock down can help with mental health problems according to top neuroscientists. And it can help frontline healthcare workers deal with the traumatic scenes confronting them daily as they fight to keep COVID-19 patients alive.
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Distractor helps you deal with lockdown trauma
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If you are a primary care provider, or are responsible for the purchasing/commissioning of primary care or specialist mental health services we would welcome a discussion.